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Measuring for Waistbeads

Bubble Gum Bear

Combination Traditional Tie-on Waist Bead Set

Set includes Six Strands!!!

Pink & Purple waist bead set (Qty. 6 Strands), featuring one strand of each:

  • Exotic zebra patterned with purple crystals
  • Purple and clear long glass beads
  • Purple vinyl beads with gold accent crystals
  • Pink vinyl beads with gold accent crystals
  • Solid purple medium seed beads
  • Solid pink medium seed beads

These four strands are sold as a set and are hand crafted in Ghana with the traditional tie-on method, which is intended for permanent placement.

These combination strands are unique and attention grabbing. Layer them with multiple strands, of different colored beads, to set your intentions, express your personal style, monitor your weight, and highlight your femininity.

Made with glass long beads, glass seed beads, vinyl disc beads and crystals, these JouJou Specialty Tie-on Waist Beads are each approximately 42 inches long. Strands can easily be combined and adjusted to fit any waist size.

How to Measure for JouJou WaistBeads

JouJou WaistBeads is pleased to provide you with waist beads measuring tips for your WaistBeads (aka waist beads or belly beads).

Did you know that women wear their beads up and down their torso? Under the boobs, ribs, belly, hips, etc. Wherever we place them, we want to make sure we get the perfect fit.

Use a fabric measuring tape, or download and print your own printable paper tape measure.  Do not use manufacturer clothing sizes as a gauge for your waist size.

  • Measure yourself on bare skin. Do not wrap your tape or string over your clothing (unless you plan on wearing them over your clothing).
  • Wrap snugly. But, not too tight.
  • Don’t suck in your stomach. Your size is your size. And that is perfect, Mama! You want your beads to fit, and you want them to last.
  • Typically, you should measure right below your belly button. If you have a belly, measure underneath it. Measure lower or higher, you should measure to accommodate that preference.
  • If you will be wearing your waist beads to help you lose or gain weight, measure on your belly. As you lose weight, they will fall. As you gain weight, they will roll-up.

How to measure for waist beads